GRATE GRILLER™ Fire Pit Cooking Accessory


GRATE GRILLER™ Fire Pit Accessory

This unique fire pit accessory clamps onto our fire grate and lets you position a standard stainless steel cooking grill over your fire pit for cooking. The stainless steel clamp fits most brand grates. Sturdy grill platform holds standard size grills (up to 30″ dia.); 21″ diameter stainless steel grill is included. The all stainless steel grill platform adjusts in 1″ increments up to 23″ off the ground. The GRATE GRILLER can be manually rotated away from the fire to simplify food preparation, seasoning or removal. Optional free standing base with stakes allows the GRATE GRILLER to be used with campfire or without a grate. Made in the U.S.A. PRICE INCLUDES SHIPPING COST

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